Essentials for Pros [Academy]

Essentials for Pros

In-Depth, Technical, and Specialized Training for Professional Photo Organizers

Everything you need to know to complete your first professional digital photo organizing project so you can feel like a pro from the start.

We’ve partnered with Peter Bennett, a professional photographer, photo organizer, and instructor to create a course that walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know to complete your first professional project. So you can feel like a pro from the start.

This course will give you the confidence and knowledge to brainstorm any challenges that come up and provide unique solutions for a stellar client experience.

Camera scanning is an accessible scanning method that provides greater flexibility and workflow efficiency when digitizing varied types of media, including 3-D memorabilia. This course provides everything you need to know about camera scanning, including terminology, software requirements, equipment options, workflows, and more.

Introduction to Lightroom Classic for Photo Managers will provide a solid foundation to help you tackle the software in a step-by-step process. You’ll learn everything from the basic Lightroom structure to creating a well-organized catalog of images so that you become confident in getting started using Lightroom Classic.

Create gorgeous, custom-made photo books for your clients – at a profit! This course allow you to develop an efficient workflow for creating photo books using Pixellu SmartAlbums and Adobe InDesign.

Good content, strong design, and efficient workflow are the three critical ingredients to offering profitable photo book design services to our clients.

In-depth tutorials will build your confidence and set the stage for a comprehensive walkthrough of 3 different workflows using these powerful tools.

About 80% of tech issues are problems that almost anyone can fix – you just have to know how. Join Paul Einarsen (Photo Manager and former Apple Genius) for basic training designed for real people to keep your Mac computer running smoothly. With the skills learned in this course, you’ll have the satisfaction of fixing and maintaining your own Mac, and be able to help friends, family or clients when they need it.

A professional’s guide to serving and supporting clients who use Apple Photos every day.

Apple Photos is the most used image management software in the world. It might also be one of the most confusing for users, who are unaware of its power and capabilities. That’s where the professional photo manager comes in. With your knowledge and experience, you can help your clients finally feel confident when creating, organizing, and sharing their photos.

This is the only course of its kind for photo management professionals.

Save when you bundle the Pro Photo Manager essentials from former Apple Genius, Paul Einarsen of Bluewater Imaging! This bundle includes the Apple Photos for Photo Managers plus Mac Tech Boot Camp (your guide to keeping your Mac healthy and dealing with any potential issues that may come up). Unlimited access to everything your clients need you to know about Apple Photos and Mac Computers.

DPO stands for “Digital Photo Organizing.”

It’s not a new field, but it’s also not a well known field, at least not yet. It used to be that only companies needed help managing their digital assets, but the technology revolution has left the average person with a collection big enough to rival even the largest of companies. When you add in videos, documents, and other types of files that also end up in our collections, it can quickly get overwhelming.

DPO PRO was created to help you learn the life-long skills you need to manage your family photo archive and keep it safe.

If you’re the “designated family historian,” this course is perfect for you!