Photo Books Made Profitable

As a professional photo organizer, knowing how to price photo book projects to make a profit does not come naturally to everyone.

This is not a ‘how-to’ course about how to design, how to organize, or how to use software or design programs. This course is on making this business a profitable one. And, in order to do so, there will be some digging to come from within; as well as some measuring and analyzing of metrics as it relates to your efficiencies and productivity.

In this course you will:

I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to add photo books to their business model. Lida is a wealth of knowledge on the topic and has created a course full of valuable information that is relatable and practical. It talks about the importance of valuing yourself, your time, and your expertise in a way that many other resources gloss over, when in fact, success comes down to those basic principles. Do not miss the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of someone who's been through it all and made it out on the other side as a successful business owner.
Caroline Guntur
The Swedish Organizer
This class offers so many great solutions for making photo books profitable. The specific steps on what to track for pricing strategies was very helpful. The three example pricing models offer solutions for different ways to run your business. I love how this course has the to-do’s for each section so you can work through the class and apply the things you learn.
Candy Wamboldt
Adore Your Photos

Photo Books Made Profitable has been created with you in mind to help you think about where you are and where you’d like your business to go. Whether you are brand new to the industry or have been at it for a few years, it’s always good to do a check-in and reassess your goals and projected growth.

This course includes:

Photo Books Made Profitable is great for those struggling with confidence and mindset when it comes to pricing photo book design services. It also covers pricing and packaging best practices. The modules are cohesive and offer many "nuggets" to take away and implement in your own business. I highly recommend this course for anyone from beginners to seasoned Pros.
Rachel Wilkinson
Digital Sentiments
Photo Books Made Profitable is a great course! I highly recommend it to anyone starting out or anyone who has already started their photobook business but needs a more streamlined process. I have learned a lot with this course and I'm excited to implement what I have learned into my business.
Kara Voss
Sprinkled with Memories
Just when I thought I had all my ducks in a row, this course came along. Thank you Lida! I have now re-examined all my procedures, making smarter and more efficient use of time and resources. And overall making more profit.
Kate Nikalaidis
Great Space by Kate

Meet Your Instructor

Lida Bunting, owner of Znimka Creations

Lida Bunting has been sharing people’s stories in digital photo books for over 15 years and has extensive experience with project management, budgeting and business planning. Her countless hours designing (and sometimes redesigning) books has given her the experience to share her lessons learned and success stories for others to learn from.

Since launching her business in 2016, Lida has designed books ranging from 20 pages and 30 photos to over 150 pages and 1,000 photos – each project bringing their own challenges, and their own rewards.

Her strategies are straightforward and systematic, relying on basic math and spreadsheets to calculate rates and costs. As a creative-at-heart who put print photos in her own personal sticky albums as a child, preserving stories are a priority. As an engineer, math is her passion. When combined, creating stories and making a profit is her goal. All this knowledge and passion culminates in one extraordinary course.

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