Building Blocks of Digital Photo Organizing

Everything you need to know to complete your first professional digital photo organizing project so you can feel like a pro from the start.

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Does this sound familiar?

If you said yes to one or more of the above, then this course is for you!

We’ve partnered with Peter Bennett, a professional photographer, photo organizer, and instructor to create a course that walks you step-by-step through everything you need to know to complete your first professional project. So you can feel like a pro from the start.

This course will give you the confidence and knowledge to brainstorm any challenges that come up and provide unique solutions for a stellar client experience.

"The benchmark course that every new Photo Manager needs."

In this virtual course you will discover...

  • Digital imaging basics like “what is a pixel?” as well as the fundamentals of image resolution, file formats, image compression and metadata.
  • The bigger picture of a digital photo organizing workflow, from image capture all the way to backup.
  • How to diagnose and treat an unhealthy photo system. We’ll pull back the curtain on a common photo system, Apple Photos, so it becomes less intimidating.
  • How to implement your new plan to fix an unhealthy photo system. This includes consolidating, deduplicating strategies, and the mindset you need to approach these challenges.
  • The software that can help you in your digital photo organizing work.
  • How to communicate with clients, and be clear with yourself, including knowing when and how to ask for help.

See what others are saying about the course!

We asked 7 Professional Photo Managers, ranging from new to experienced, to preview the course. This is what they had to say:

"This is the benchmark course that every new member needs to complete before venturing off into the bewildering world of our industry. I wish I had seen this years ago. Peter Bennett covers the full gambit of our industry with a calm and soothing voice, incredibly logical content & flow and obviously deep but oh-so-understated knowledge. This course is sufficient to kickstart a career or for the DIY-er to work out the best workflow for their own projects. Superb coverage of all aspects of digital photo management."
Sarah Macnaught
"Peter’s course is perfect for everyone from the DIY photo organizer looking to get their own digital collection under control, to the seasoned photo organizing professional. Peter covers every aspect of digital photo organizing from start to finish, in a clear and concise way, and gives you the knowledge and background to tackle any digital photo organizing project with confidence. As someone who has been working with digital photos for almost 30 years, I also found a number of tips and tricks that I will use on future projects."
Cheryl DiFrank
“Digital Organizing basics by Peter Bennett is a must-view for new and experienced photo organizers. Peters knowledge of the topic is deep, but he explains complicated concepts clearly and concisely. New photo organizers will benefit from the broad overview Peter gives to a multi-faceted topic. Veteran photo organizers will find some new tips and tricks along with a great review of the basics. Highly recommend.”
Sue Triggs-Rhuda
"Besides providing valuable information regarding "how" or "why" things should be done a certain way, the section on Communication was excellent! That is definitely an important building block to developing solid, trusting relationships with clients which is key to growing our business. Also, a major AHA moment for me was when he compared Lightroom to Bed Bath & Beyond. It was a brilliant way to help me understand how Lightroom works compared to other options he suggested."
LuAnn Schafer
“If you are a new photo organizer this course is a must! It will help break down the steps you need to follow for digital organizing along with explanations of terminology and workflow that will be extremely helpful. Peter is an excellent teacher - he breaks things down into easy to digest segments and explains things in a way that help you understand and retain the information!”
Orit Lagnado
"This course offers a step-by-step guide to photo organizing. It’s well organized, well presented, and thorough. I felt as though I got a behind-the-scenes look at what to think about as I develop my business. Peter Bennett provides a gentle approach to teaching the complexities of photo management, and I’m sure to watch this course multiple times over the coming months."
Lisa Deneau
"A complete, accessible resource to help everyone tame their mess of digital photographs. Great info for anyone from advanced beginners to experienced pros. The module format allows you to easily skip around and will make it easy to revisit sections you want to implement in your own practice, or learn more in-depth to help teach others."
Joshua Duggan

We've also added the following bonuses:

Client Intake Form

A done-for-you client intake form to use on professional digital photo organizing projects.


PDF word-for-word transcripts of each video lesson. Use these as your notes so you can follow along at a relaxed pace and refer back any time you need to.

Reference Guides

Each lesson comes with a downloadable reference guide.

Meet Your Instructor

Peter Bennett, owner of Fotoflow Solutions

I have been working in and around photography for my entire career as a professional photographer, photo agency owner, and photo organizer.

I have also been a photography teacher and trainer for over twelve years, and this more than anything has taught me the importance of communicating complicated things in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

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