Photo Books Made Profitable

Create gorgeous, custom-made photo books for your clients – at a profit! This course allow you to develop an efficient workflow for creating photo books using Pixellu SmartAlbums and Adobe InDesign.

Good content, strong design, and efficient workflow are the three critical ingredients to offering profitable photo book design services to our clients.

This course will examine how Pixellu SmartAlbums and Adobe InDesign can be a powerful combination in your suite of professional design tools and empower you to create gorgeous, custom-made photo books for your clients at a profit.

In-depth tutorials will build your confidence and set the stage for a comprehensive walkthrough of 3 different workflows using these powerful tools. You will also look at other tools like Lightroom and Photo Mechanic and how they support an efficient workflow.

In this course you will learn...

"Janet's calm, confident demeanour, her expertise, and her step-by-step instructions make some potentially intimidating subjects very understandable - and NON-intimidating. The focus of the course, PROFITABILITY, is important, as I often get so involved in the creative process that time (and hence profitability) tends to fly out the window. I really appreciate the workflow examples using the different tools and the three main categories of photo books. The text transcriptions and diagrams are WONDERFUL adjunct to the video materials. Many thanks for a job well done, Janet!"
Billie Meyers

Included in this Course:

  • 5 Hours of Video Content: Step-by-step video instruction divided into 7 modules.
  • Transcripts: Each modules comes with its own transcript to use as reference notes.
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access: This course is yours, you have lifetime access to the content and can revisit it whenever you like.
  • Bonus Material: Printable workflow diagrams; step-by-step instructions for working with SmartAlbums and InDesign and more!

After you’ve completed this course you will have an efficient workflow for creating high-quality photo books.

Time is money! The focus of this course is on making your photo books bring in more profit for you!

"Photo books are my primary deliverables to clients and I have been searching for a photo book design workflow that is efficient, profitable, and creates a high-end product. The course, Photo Books Made Profitable, delivered exactly what I have been searching for - all in one package! Although the workflow is based on specific software, Janet provides sufficient guidance to enable you to adapt to your own tool-set. The training and support material is logical and thorough - the flowcharts for the 3 tiers of photo book design are an exceptional resource. Janet presents her material in an easy-to-follow and easy-to-listen-to series of video and written instruction. I highly recommend this course as an investment in a photo organizer's professional development."
Pepper Mintz

Meet Your Instructor

Janet Blunt

Janet fell in love with family photography the day she held her newborn son in her arms. She left her “real” job to stay home with her kids and launched a home-based business selling scrapbooking supplies while the industry was still in its infancy. As digital photography began to take root, Janet set out to master her photo management software so she could help her clients tame their growing volume of digital images. She launched Photopeace in 2012 and today specializes in helping families curate and preserve their visual legacy. Her interest in photo book design has led to some exciting opportunities to work with The Photo Managers. Family photos and the stories they tell will continue to play an important role in Janet’s life as she and her husband recently welcomed their first grandbaby.

When you enroll, we will walk you through these 6 modules:

In this module, Janet will share a case study from her own work along with an in-depth workflow analysis.

Learn about design software available to you including Pixellu SmartAlbums, Adobe InDesign, and management tools like Photo Mechanic and Adobe Lightroom.

A step-by-step tutorial on working with Pixellu SmartAlbums.

A step-by-step tutorial on working with Adobe InDesign.

Learn about the elements of an efficient workflow and the three essential workflow variations.

Benefit from Janet’s answers to some of her previous students’ most frequently asked questions.

Plus, we've added these valuable bonuses...

Summary Sheets:

  • Working with InDesign Summary Sheet.
  • Working with Pixellu Summary Sheet.

Workflow Charts:

Easy to follow charts showing the workflow for combinations of SmartAlbums, Cloud Proofing, and InDesign with Lightroom and Photo Mechanic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t use InDesign and prefer another design software. Will this course still benefit me?

A: Whether or not you are currently using InDesign or SmartAlbums, you can definitely benefit from this course if you are looking for ways to streamline and improve your photo book workflow. While we will be learning how to use these design tools more effectively, our overall focus is to present a more efficient approach for producing photo books. We’ll be covering several topics, and the workflows you’ll learn about can indeed be adapted to accommodate other software. Equipped with a new appreciation for what’s possible, you’ll be ready to explore how you can use your design tool-of-choice more effectively!

Q: I have never used SmartAlbums or InDesign before. Will this course give me everything I need to start creating photos books or will I have to invest in some more education time for these tools?

A: This course offers step-by-step instructions for using the essential features of both software applications. We’ll also explore some of the “advanced” features to help us improve our efficiency. If you have no prior experience with either program, you can expect to be ready to begin practicing your new skills and feel confident using these tools to create a photo book. As each of us will come to this course with different skill sets and learning styles, I would encourage everyone to continue building on what they learn by taking advantage of the many excellent resources available to us through The Photo Managers, Pixellu.com, Adobe.com, InDesignSecrets.com, and Lynda.com, etc.

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Get profitable with photo books your clients will love.

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