During the second annual Profitability LIVE, our most experienced and profitable photo managers will draw back the curtain and walk you through their process of estimating, pricing and delivering client projects, using real numbers and client examples.

Do any of these questions sound familiar?

  • How do I know how much to charge for a photo book?
  • What should I charge for scanning, digital photo organizing or an entire project?
  • How do I know if I am actually making money or losing money?
  • Will people pay me what I am worth?
  • What is the value of the services I provide?
  • Can I accelerate my income without working harder?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you don’t want to miss these sessions!

Why Attend This Event?


You likely became a professional photo manager because you have a passion for photos, telling stories, and helping clients save and document their life’s legacy. Yet that isn’t all you need. To be successful, you also need to understand what to sell, how to sell, and price your services, so you make a PROFIT.

Over three days, you will unlock the mystery of pricing by learning from experienced pros! There will be no “secrets”; instead, you’ll know exactly how to estimate, price, and deliver a final project – we call this a double victory. Your client will be thrilled, and you will feel valued and well-compensated!

FREE WEBINAR – Inside Look: Profitability LIVE 2021. Meet the speakers and hear more about what you’ll learn during their presentations.

"Profitability LIVE is filled with useful, actionable, real-world advice from our successful peers. Don't miss this change to level up your business!"
Marci Brennan
Past Present Pix
"As a very new and emerging field that is growing more and providing an incredible personal value to individuals, it has been so hard to put prices on that value. Most of us have an intense desire to provide these services because we know the personal and community impact it has on our clients and in preserving those family legacies. We have such a personal commitment and desire to give that it makes pricing and profitability feel wrong. As a community, we need to be confident in our pricing models and Profitability Live gave me that confirmation and confidence. Thank you!"
Tina Claflin
Halcyon Reflections LLC

Meet the Speakers

Nafissa Shireen

Nafissa Shireen is an Income Growth Mentor for entrepreneurs. She brings together her 25 years corporate experience with her training and certifications in coaching, belief change psychology, equine guided development and universal principles. By helping clients remove the obstacles, fears and emotions that get in the way of the practical strategies, they are able to make quantum leaps in their income and lifestyle.

Julie Kessler

We have been trying to move away from pricing by the hour to value based pricing. Since we track time and items for every phase, I realized that we have the data to provide estimates or proposals. This strategy is based on 10 years of trial and error with projects of all sizes and client with big expectations! I do have success with client buy in.

Rachel Jenkins

Being a business owner is not for the faint of heart and it can be exhausting. So many decisions. You are the wearer of many hats and eventually you have to figure out how to work less and still make an income that suits your lifestyle. And while it seems logical that you can grow your business by simply increasing the number of billable hours, it is not necessarily the most profitable way to grow. As the founder and owner of ScrapMyPix since 2010, I’ve been through many iterations of pricing models. We’ll discuss setting up a value-based structure around book design, tracking your time and evaluating profitability on your book projects.

Lida Bunting

I’m a numbers person and love spreadsheets, so from Day 1, I utilized Excel to track my time and costs to help me figure out my pricing. I use a custom-designed spreadsheet with built-in formulas where I input the number of photos I’m starting with, and the spreadsheet does the rest. Although, I continually am improving my system and tweaking my spreadsheet, my philosophy remains the same: To make sure I cover all anticipated costs, provide the client with a high-value product, and be profitable.

Nathan Yesko

Nathan Yesko is the Chief Information Officer of Discover Organizing Inc., a full service organizing and downsizing company that his mother, Jill Yesko founded in 2003. Nathan earned his degree in Communications Media from IUP in 2017 and has been working at the company since he was 15, helping out in the capacity of bookkeeper, album designer, graphic designer, IT support person, web designer, and information security. His key role in the business now is to manage the photo organizing and digitization services of the company, leading his team in scanning photos and memorabilia, and being a main developer of the Operations Manual that is now available for photo organizing businesses of any size and capability.

Chris Southard

Chris Southard is the owner of CDS Media Solutions, providing high-quality scanning and photo organizing services to clients in the Cincinnati area. Because of my photography background, I have a passion for helping others preserve their memories. I have been an active member of The Photo Managers since 2013. After handling many scanning jobs over the years each job is still unique and having a base set of pricing helps in determining the best quote for the client.

Holly Corbid

Profitability has been a key focus for me at Capture Your Photos. When I first branded my business in 2014 and started doing more and more digital organizing, I was really good at giving my time away. What I learned, is that by implementing consistent digital organizing processes and clearly defining my services, I became more efficient and smarter about how I spent my time, which ultimately led to increased profitability. It’s a journey that continues.

Amanda Littlecott

My background as a Management Consultant has been invaluable to understanding how to price my packages for photo organising. The tool and techniques are the same, as well as the learning curve to get it right. I look forward to sharing my insights into how to reduce the challenges of pricing digital photo organizing for profitability.

Becky Ball

I have been a member of TPM for many years but it is only in the past year that I purchased a home movie transfer service and turned it into a profitable photo organizing business that is full time and my only source of income. As a single mom, it is imperative that I have a steady paycheck and a full pipeline, but as a creative, “right-side of the brain” personality, money tracking and numbers did not come easily. In fact, it scared me to death. After attending Profitability Live 2020, I developed a process for estimating & pricing that combines all the necessary ingredients to ensure my business stays steady and profitable. I look forward to sharing my secrets to success ingredients list including communication, accuracy, weekly paychecks, and a waiting list for new customers.

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