Introduction to Lightroom Classic for Photo Managers

>> Are you new to digital photo organizing for clients and ready to learn the skills that will increase your productivity, profitability, and confidence?

>> Are you intimidated by Lightroom but ready to take the leap and learn?

>> Have you been using Lightroom Classic but have gaps in your knowledge and skills?

If so, this is the course for you! David Wagner, the Lightroom Guy, is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience in digital photography and also a professional photo manager!

Introduction to Lightroom Classic for Photo Managers will provide a solid foundation to help you tackle the software in a step-by-step process. You’ll learn everything from the basic Lightroom structure to creating a well-organized catalog of images so that you become confident in getting started using Lightroom Classic.

In this online course, you’ll learn:

  • An introduction to Lightroom Classic and how the platform works.
  • Setting up Lightroom Classic preferences and catalog settings, as well as how to start new catalogs.
  • How to do the first import, including setting up the folder structure, configuring import settings, and the difference between “Add” and “Copy” view windows.
  • An overview of L+R panels, Previews, Filters, Metadata Panel, and Customize Identity Plate.
  • What to do after the import, including renaming, moving, sort options, ratings, flags, color, and face detection.
  • How to work with collections, including an overview of quick collections, collection sets, smart collections, and sync + share online.
  • How to read histogram, quick develop, crop, and color correct.
  • How to add keywords and keyword lists.
  • How to add metadata, text, the attribute vs. filter bar, custom search, and exporting images.
Introduction to Lightroom Classic provides a solid foundation for using such a robust platform. David takes you step by step through the basic Lightroom structure to a well organized catalog of images. As a bonus, he adds more technical expertise in the final classes. His teaching style is logical and succinct. I am much more confident in my Lightroom Classic skills and know I have a strong foundation to further my skills.
Teri Winfield
Legacy Photo Services
I found David's Lightroom course to be especially helpful. I have been using Lightroom Classic for a while now, but still learnt quite a lot and it filled in a few gaps! David was very good at explaining many aspects of Lightroom Classic and I enjoyed the course very much. I'd highly recommend this course.
Simone Larwood
Your Photos Filed
I had only dabbled in Lightroom and quite honestly, I was a little intimidated by the program. I was thrilled when I was able to take David’s course. What I especially liked was he started at the beginning and explained very clearly what settings we should have to get started. Throughout the course, he not only explained what we should do but why we should do it. The other thing I greatly appreciated about the course was the in-depth notes he provided us along with lots of links. Having the notes made it easier to concentrate on what he was saying rather than trying to take notes and listen at the same time. I know the notes will be invaluable to me as I continue to build my Lightroom library and I thank David greatly for providing them. It is impossible to cover everything a program like Lightroom Classic can do in only 10 lessons, but I feel David’s course will set a strong foundation for which you will be able to build and it will give you the confidence to get you started. I know it did for me.
Faith Van Wart

Meet Your Instructor

David Wagner

David Wagner, the Lightroom Guy, is a professional photographer with over 30 years of experience in digital photography. He has spent 10 years as an adjunct professor at FIT in New York City. With his business Lightroom Guy, he offers photography consultations, Lightroom catalog management, and even leads photography tours and workshops.

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  • 10 Lessons