DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop: The Insider Shortcuts Used by the Pros

It’s your time to take back control of your digital photos scattered across all your devices. And we are going to help you! When you register for this course, you’ll end up with a photo collection that is backed up and easy to access and share.

Does this sound familiar?

If you said yes to one or more of these above, then this course will be the most important one you take all year. It will finally help you organize all your photos, so no searching, hunting, and throwing things against the wall to try to find all your photos.

“What was once intimidating has now become an approachable and easy task! Just finished SurroundUs Services DIY Photo Organizing class and feel confident that I can now fully utilize Apple and Google Photos. Jordan was extremely knowledgeable and a skilled teacher, who clearly explained the process of reining in thousands of photos (from many devices) into one simple organizing system.
Lauren Giusti

In this virtual course you will discover...

  • A Proven method that will save you time, money, and energy as you start organizing all your digital photos in ONE place.
  • Walk you through all the top photo managing systems out there and which one is the best fit for you. (No need to spend hours and hours looking for a system when we do it for you.)
  • The biggest issue our clients have is that they have duplicates of their photos in several places. This course will show you how to find, identify, and remove your duplicates. Think of all that extra digital space you will create when you remove them!
  • How to not only have all your photos in one place, we will show you how you can share them easily with family and friends.
  • You don’t need to have complicated systems and processes to organize all your photos. We show you a very simple and easy way to get all your photos organized together systematically.
  • How to navigate and identify the vocabulary and what it means when it comes to managing your photos. Terms like iCloud, SD card, jpeg, png, pixels, and more…
  • Whether you’re using Apple, Google Photos, Amazon Photos, One Drive, or something else, this course will address them all and help you navigate them effectively and efficiently.
"I strongly recommend the SurroundUs Services DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop. Jordan is an expert in all things digital photo organizing and was helpful in decoding the various software solutions currently available."
Mike Lavelle

Meet Your Instructor

Jordan Babeon

We believe photos have the ability to create and spread love, joy and connection to those around us. SurroundUs is a small, woman-owned, professional photo organizing business with a passion for helping busy, working parents take control of their digital clutter and feel empowered with their photo management system.

We’ve become the experts in all things photo organization, consolidation and protection so that your limited time can be spent doing the things you love: pouring over family memories, reminiscing on life’s sweetest occasions and reliving your best moments spent with your best people.

When you enroll, we will walk you through these 5 modules:

Meet your host, Jordan Babeon and get an overview of the SurroundUs system for digital photo organizing.

Learn where to find your photos, how to select an app for keeping them organized, and how to set up an external hard drive for storage.

Find out how to understand file formats and how to identify and remove duplicate photos safely.

This module will explain device settings, uploads & downloads, as well as albums and sharing. Includes bonus lessons on how to edit your photos!

Once you have organized your digital photo collection, learn to maintain it by backing up your computer, along with tips and tricks to stay organized moving forward.

This course is based on a proven system to help you manage all your photos. We will hold your hand through each step so there’s no confusion on what to do next. The course covers both Apple/iOS and PC/Android devices.

You will have access to the videos, transcripts, and downloads for each section. These videos will give you step-by-step directions for each phase of your photo managing journey. Plus, you will also receive helpful worksheets, checklists, and photo tips.

Plus, we've added these valuable bonuses to get you started...

Quick Start Guide:

Confused about where to start, or what all these photos and tech terms mean? This guide will help you get started fast so you can dig in and start managing your photos immediately. You will get a definition of terms, helpful plans, and how to get the most out of this course.

Quick Reference Cards:

These cards were designed specifically for you by Jordan. She knows how to help people just like you. These cards were created as quick and easy-to-follow instructions for completing core tasks from the course. They will help you with your device setting, running backups, tagging people, changing dates, and more

"I had tons of photos everywhere and no clue how to manage them on my own. I could not afford to hire someone to do this for me, so I took the DIY class with Jordan and am really glad that I did! Jordan's process was easy to follow and clearly explained what to do and how to do it. Jordan saved me a ton of computer space since she found almost 70,000 duplicate photos! Strongly recommend; great course, great value!"
Jerry Pault

Stop Your Photo Searching Madness!

Now is Your Time to Get All Your Digital Photos Organized in One Place.

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Course Includes

  • 34 Lessons
  • 38 Topics