12-Week Business Discovery Course

The step-by-step guide you need to start your photo organizing business.

"Everyone needs a photo manager, they just don't know it yet..."

This 12-week course will dive in and share over a decade of knowledge on what you need to know to start and grow a profitable photo organizing business. Whether you are starting a business for the first time or looking to add photo organizing services to an existing business, the goal of this course is to have you ready to onboard your first paying client. Not only do we send a weekly lesson, but we also provide doable action steps that you will complete in just a few hours a week. In addition, you will have immediate access to our member community, member pricing on special events, and receive the best-selling book, Photo Organizing Made Easy, as part of your course journey.

Topics covered in the class

"This course is a great introduction to both the requirements of starting a business and figuring out what you want YOUR photo organizing business to look like. When I first started my business, one of the hardest tasks was figuring out what I actually needed to do to get my business up and running. I found myself googling “how to start a business” and I was worried that I would miss a crucial piece of the puzzle. This course provides the list of what is needed to get you up and running, and also guides your determination of what you want to offer and how you want to offer it. I wish I had this when I started my business, it would have saved me a lot of time, energy, and frustration."
Allison Freedman

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you enroll in the course, you will have lifetime access to the core curriculum included in the 12-week course. However, after your first 12 weeks, access to live events and associated recordings will be removed. If you choose to become a full member of The Photo Managers, you’ll gain access to these events and recordings again.

Yes, the course is self-paced. Each week you’ll get access to a new lesson, for a total of 12 weeks. You are not required to complete all 12 weeks within the first 12 weeks, but the course is designed this way if you choose to follow the steps as recommended. If you need to take a break halfway through, that is not a problem, since you’ll have lifetime access to the core curriculum.

This course does not focus on the “how-to of photo organizing.” Instead, we share a decade of knowledge on what you need to know to start and grow a profitable photo organizing business. We will teach you how to create a successful business week by week, even if you’ve no idea where to start. We review photo organizing best practices and workflows for completing client work by week seven, but it is a high-level overview. If you join as a professional member, you’ll have access to the how-to workflows of photo organizing or take a look at the many courses we have available at The Photo Managers Academy.

Yes, that’s possible. If you’d like to receive the full course at once, either from the start or partway through, reach out to support@thephotomanagers.com.

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