Learn to use the camera that’s always with you!

"You don’t take a photograph, you make one." – Ansel Adams

Do you find yourself taking frequent iPhone photos that rarely turn out? Is your phone’s camera roll packed with photos you will never print? Do you own the latest and greatest iPhone but you don’t know how to use all of the features? If any of these apply to you, iPhoneography 101 is meant for you.

"I attended an iPhone photo class taught by Casie. Her photos are an inspiration and the class was extremely good. It wasn’t just a lecture with her photos as examples—she created a Facebook page for those of us in the class, and we were given assignments and our photos were critiqued. Her class was a gift that keeps on giving. Working on what I learned continues to help me grow as a photographer."

I want to teach you to use your iPhone camera in a proficient and thoughtful way, creating photos you are proud to hang on your walls and print for books!

In my iPhoneography 101 class, I will help train your eyes to see the special moments in life, while helping you be more confident and thoughtful in using your iPhone camera.

All videos are close-captioned/subtitled

Photos taken with an iPhone

"I learned soooo much at Casie’s iPhone photography class! She’s fun and knowledgeable, and has a ton of patience!!!"

Topics covered in the class

After the class join our private Facebook group for support, questions, and an opportunity to participate in photo challenges to foster your learnings.

“The iPhoneography class I took with Casie was so helpful on many levels. I learned simple tools and tricks that were always on my phone but never realized were there. She also taught some really great tips on subject matter and lighting. I feel my picture game was brought to the next level and I didn’t have to drop hundreds of dollars on a different device. I can just use what I always have on hand to capture those special moments that arise.”

Photos taken with an iPhone

“I loved this class. It made me think with more intention about the photos I take of my family and my world every day. My photos are noticeably better now. I think about things like framing and horizon lines and lighting and composition—all things I knew about but never paid attention to before.”
"I learned so much in Casie’s class! From little technical tips and tricks to make the most of my phone camera, to pointers on vision and framing, Casie makes it easy to understand and inspiring to go out and practice. She is a patient and encouraging teacher and coach. I had no idea about all the tools available on my phone. My photos are so much better!"

Meet Your Instructor

Casie Zalud

Casie Zalud is a documentary family photographer based in Boulder, CO who specializes in photographing childhood and the mayhem of family life. She is an avid cyclist, skier and yogi as well as a connoisseur of whiskey and potato chips. When not working, she can be found adventuring, traveling and creating memories with her family.

Bonus offering:

Add on a one on one call with Casie for more personal instruction or to dive deeper into iPhoneography for $99/hr.

There is absolutely no risk to you!


If you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days, we will refund your investment.

Promise. No questions asked.

We only ask that you give it an honest try because the skills you will learn in this course are tried and true.

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