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The Photo Managers conference features our most experienced and profitable photo managers sharing their expertise. Every year we record all the breakout classes so attendees can go back and listen over and over. Plus, we make them available to purchase. You can choose just one, two, six, or all of the amazing breakouts taught at our annual conference.

Are you ready to learn from the experts on the following topics?

  • How to capture family stories to enhance your clients’ photo legacy
  • Protecting yourself and your client with a solid contract
  • The latest changes and software upgrades that affect workflow and client interaction in the Apple ecosystem
  • Leveraging InDesign’s capabilities to save time designing photo books.

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you don’t want to miss these sessions!

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Capture family stories to enhance your clients’ photo legacy.

Photos mean so much more when they are put into context within the stories they tell. Learn what is involved in extracting stories from clients and getting those stories into a printed book. Specifically, that means interview techniques, equipment needed, transcription options, editing, proofing, and design. And of course, seeing how all these new steps impact cost and pricing. Come away feeling confident in adding storytelling, or “story-capture” to your services.

Protect yourself and your clients with a contract.

Every photo organizer should have a signed contract before starting work, to protect both you and your client. In this interactive session, discuss the clauses that every contract should contain, and use groupthink to come up with a list of additional clauses that we should all consider. Allison will share the actual language of many of the clauses included in her own contract. Come away with an understanding of what a contract must contain to be binding as well as a framework to follow when drafting your own contract. *Note: this breakout session will not contain legal advice.

In business, mistakes happen. I prefer to call them “lessons”, which turn into perfected methods and “workflows” that your business comes to depend upon, especially when it comes to taking great care of your customers, and of course, protecting your growing company. As humans, we trust that our beautiful brains will remember to write them all down, yet we reinvent the “process wheel” way too often to be efficient and productive.

Documented and accessible proven systems – from the sales process until the end of the project – will really come into play when you expand your business, but having customized and polished procedures in place ensures a smooth and consistent approach – and results! Jill Yesko, the creator of Organized Memories, currently offers three different business kits, multiple form bundles and templates that you can brand and customize so that you can actually enjoy time with your customers and their photo collection!

Please come ready to learn, but also arrive ready to work! Build your own mini ops manual with Jill, as she will be not only sharing the 10 most important components of an Operations Manual, but will encourage you to be thinking more deeply about your business’ best practices.

Cut through the noise and find your best strategy for growth.

Client generation is the lifeblood of your business. But with so many marketing options, how do you choose what to do? The good news is that by strategically doing LESS, your marketing can be MORE effective. With “a coach approach to marketing,” you’ll learn how to get better results from your client-generation efforts while feeling more authentic and actually having fun!

Use archival principles to enhance your workflows, processes, and professional offerings.

You tackle complex photo management problems every day. But you don’t have to start completely from scratch! The best practices from a related professional field, archival science, are very much applicable to photo workflows, processes, and professional offerings. Understanding them will add to your expertise and enhance your business. Learn how to connect with VIP clients who will pay for this expertise and the white-glove services you can implement with them.

Use video conversion services to generate leads for your business.

You don’t need to be a tech expert to offer home movie transfers. Learn what you need to start on your own or to outsource, as well as how to update your website so clients can find you by searching for “home movie conversions.” People often start their projects with home movies, so it’s an easy segue to offering other services.

Quickly identify your clients’ best photos by “seeing” like a photographer.

The first step in curating your client’s images is learning to see like a photographer. Once you know a few of the secrets of the trade—like how to tell the exceptional images from the rest, you’ll be better positioned to help your clients. Once you learn how, you will be able to go through their family pictures and quickly identify the best shots—and help them tell better family stories in digital albums or printed books.

Is your business prepared for an emergency?

Although pro photo managers specialize in backups and contingency plans, you may have some blind spots about your own businesses. What would happen to your business if you were incapacitated due to illness, accident, or another emergency? Philip and his wife and busines partner, Susan contracted COVID-19 and were sick for over a month. Despite thinking about aspects of what might be needed in an emergency, they had no written plan. Using what they learned, understand what you need to have in place to keep your business running during an extended absence.

Focus on what you do know to gain the confidence to achieve your goals.

New, and even experienced photo managers can get distracted and overwhelmed by all there is to learn about a photo organizing business. But it’s important to define yourself by what you do know. What are you good at? What are your goals? Where could you still use improvement? Come away with clarity and confidence as you refocus on your skill sets, goals, and new learning opportunities to achieve your objectives.

Engage an audience that will turn into paying clients.

Social media is a great tool for building trust and attracting new clients outside of your local market. But what are some of the strategies that you should employ? Learn how Casey built a highly engaged Instagram audience and consistently turned them into paying clients.

A tailored proposal is a valuable first step in the client process.

After a first in-home meeting with a prospect, utilize an inventory to produce a custom Assessment and Roadmap. This document outlines their media collection and scope of work, outlines the organization process, and makes recommendations for backup, storage, and other tools. Pricing options are included. Building the prospect’s trust, confidence, and buy-in, this can increase your chances of converting them to a customer. Learn the steps from prospect booking process to workflows to a polished final product, while viewing a sample Assessment and Roadmap.

The essential foundation for working with the Apple ecosystem.

The Apple Photos ecosystem now touches almost every project we take on as professional photo managers. Learn about changes in the latest software upgrades that affect workflow and client interaction. Topics include photo sharing, import and export for iPhone and Mac. Gain confidence in understanding Apple technology and managing Apple-related client expectations.

Increase client retention and your cash flow with a membership program.

Sometimes prospects are too overwhelmed even to get started, and it can take baby steps to move them in the right direction. Offering a monthly membership program allows you to guide clients through the completion of smaller projects in a manageable way. Small successes lead to happy clients who will stay with you for the long-term as you chip away at their family photos. Learn how to create and market a monthly program that will provide you with recurring income and your clients the fulfillment of their photo projects in a way that works for them.

Efficient business systems are the key to profitability.

Whether you’re just starting out or juggling multiple clients and projects, implementing efficient business systems is key to profitability, productivity, managing your stress level, and keeping you on track and moving forward. Get perspectives from two experienced photo organizers on building efficient business systems. Learn about customer relationship management software (known as CRMs; 17Hats & Dubsado), operations manuals, workflows, project tracking, and other professional tools to help run a productive business.

Grow your business with powerful presentations.

Sharing your message with prospects through targeted talks can help grow your business. Understanding that people remember 80% of what they see (as opposed to 20% of what they read and just 10% of what they hear), having a clear, engaging presentation is impactful. Learn how to develop a meaningful story and leverage Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides without hours of work and design frustrations.

Leverage InDesign’s capabilities to save time designing photo books.

Photo books can be a fun and profitable addition to your services. Adobe’s powerful InDesign software can help you to create memorable photo books that print reliably and delight clients. Discover why InDesign has become the industry standard for professional design and learn 30 time-saving tips and creative tricks.

Getting clients by telling a story about something you love.

Marketing…advertising…public relations…how much of this do you really need to do to get new clients? Being sales-y feels uncomfortable. But telling a story about something you love is doable. Learn how to trust that you are the best salesperson your company has, find the stories that resonate with prospects, and identify ways to promote your services that feel authentic.

Avoid overwhelm for you and the client with a process for managing large projects.

Breaking down a large photo organizing request into smaller, more manageable projects helps you better handle the pricing and workflow. Learn what to do at intake, where expectations and client needs are assessed, tips for identifying various jobs, and how to establish clear expectations and client communication throughout the process. Come away with suggestions about pathways for a client to move forward with you or not.

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